The following persons have found to be registered as Fake/Bogus doctors with PM&DC.
S.No Name and Father's Name Fake / Bogus
Registration Number
1 Mr. M. Sikandar Hayat S/o Abdul Rehman 13149-N (Fake/Bogus)
2 Mr. Sajjad Khan S/o Zahir Khan 12287-N (Fake/Bogus)
3 Mr. Arshad Mehmood S/o Abdul Ghaffoor 50781-P (Fake/Bogus)
4 Mr. Abdul Razzak S/o Muhammad Siddique 50780-P (Fake/Bogus)
5 Mr. Irfan Ahmad S/o Zahoor Ahmad 12495-N (Fake/Bogus)
6 Mr. Nadeem S/o Hidayat Masih 52152-S (Fake/Bogus)
7 Mst. Nasra Hassan D/o Hassan Gul 15512-N (Fake/Bogus)
8 Mr. Asif Siddique S/o Muhammad Khalid 14648-N (Fake/Bogus)
9 Mr. Jehangir Khan S/o Abdullah Jan 12432-N (Fake/Bogus)
10 Mr. Mazher Ajaz Siddiquei S/o Iftikhar Hussain Siddiquei 54961-S (Fake/Bogus)
11 Mr. Muhammad Mustafa Shah S/o Muhammad Subhan 12433-N (Fake/Bogus)
12 Mr. Javed Iqbal S/o Ali Asghar 12468-N (Fake/Bogus)
13 Mr. Zaristan S/o Hukmat Khan 12320-N (Fake/Bogus)
14 Mr. Riaz Khan S/o Inayat Khan 12427-N (Fake/Bogus)
15 Mr. Umer Rafi Butt S/o Muhammad Rafi Butt 53412-P (Fake/Bogus)
16 Mr. Yousaf Shahzad S/o Abdul Hameed 53413-P (Fake/Bogus)
17 Mr. Yasir Iqbal S/o Muhammad Iqbal Khan 53414-P (Fake/Bogus)
18 Mr. Chaudhry Muddassar Mehmood S/o Muhammad Zaman Chaudhry 53425-P (Fake/Bogus)
19 Mr. Shahzad Ahmed S/o Shafique Ahmad 54078-P (Fake/Bogus)
20 Mr. Zeerak Rauf D/o Abdul Rauf 55971-P (Fake/Bogus)
21 Mr. Faisal Maqsood S/o Maqsood Ahmed 55987-P (Fake/Bogus)
22 Mr. Rana Muhammad Abrar Bashir S/o Rana Bashir Ahmad 56057-P (Fake/Bogus)
23 Mr. Waqar Muhammad S/o Dildar Muhammad 53389-P (Fake/Bogus)
24 Mr. Ghulam Zunnuran Khan S/o Muhammad Khan 54719-P (Fake/Bogus)
25 Mr. Mujeeb ur Rehman S/o Gulab Mohammad 14554-N (Fake/Bogus)
26 Mr. Muhammad Naveed S/o Sahibzada 15701-N (Fake/Bogus)
27 Mr. Shehzad Khan S/o Abdul Hanan 15547-N (Fake/Bogus)
28 Mr. Nadeem Khan S/o Khial Zaman 14646-N (Fake/Bogus)
29 Mr. Sher Samand S/o Muhammad Aslam 53376-P (Fake/Bogus)
30 Mr. Ahmad Imran S/o Munawar Iqbal Khan 55988-P (Fake/Bogus)
31 Mr. Iqbal Hussain S/o Muhammad Azim Khan 16069-N (Fake/Bogus)
32 Mr. Muhammad Azhar Hussain S/o Muhammad Yasin 54162-P (Fake/Bogus)
33 Mr. Muhammad Waseem S/o Muhammad Saleem 54163-P (Fake/Bogus)
34 Mr. Inayat Ullah Khan S/o Hanif Muhammad Khan 57355-P (Fake/Bogus)


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